Quantum-AIP is a highly innovative architectural, interiors, and planning design firm with a focus on the creation of livable and sustainable environments. Originally founded by international award-winning architects Behr Champana and Howard Chen. Quantum-AIP's most unique characteristic is its innovative approach in their design collaboration process through the creation of highly specialized visioning studios.

With extensive past experience in the USA, Caribbean, Latin America, and Europe, the founding partners expanded their design expertise internationally in the last 15 years into the emerging markets - specifically in the Middle East, South Asia, and the Far East.

Today, the Quantum-AIP team selects the best talent and consulting teams available worldwide to form special 'think tanks' that brainstorm and execute unique design solutions tailored to meet our Clients' project needs, budgets, and schedules. We also collaborate with strategic local and global alliances in the delivery and execution of our professional design services.

Quantum-AIP's main objectives and priorities are to translate our Clients' visions into reality. The design concepts are guided to give our Clients a competitive advantage in their selected markets while meeting their specific project goals.