Quantum-AIP's design vision originates from our core belief that the Client is an intrinsic member of the design team from project inception. We approach design without pre-conceived ideas and assumptions, and we believe each project is unique in its pattern language, evolution and resolution. We believe in the creation of physical environments that inspire, expand, and reinforce the human spirit.

Quan·tum (n) [kwon-tuhm]
A great quantity or amount of exponential growth; the beginning or birth of a significant release of energy; a unit of a quantized angular momentum.

Quantum Leap:
A sudden and significant change, advance, or increase; far-reaching; instant leap from one energy level to the next.

A significant increase in innovation; of unique methodology, creativity and knowledge; of dramatic advance in design solutions; of a higher energy and evolution; of exponential vision and added value; a culture of increased productivity devoid of old age assumptions.
We also believe that creativity and innovation in design is a way of life. One best exemplified by teamwork, mentorship, and flexibility in the process.