January 12, 2018 - Innovative Projects Ahead for the City of Atlanta
January 12, 2018 - Innovative Projects Ahead for the City of Atlanta Quantum-AIP has been recently engaged by local developers to assist in the site selection and test fits of 3 novel projects for the City of Atlanta. Just a heads up on exciting projects ahead coming to the City and to be announced in time by the developers.
December 23, 2017 - Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2018 !!!
Stars are often used to symbolize heavenly bodies, purity and good luck. In dreams, a shooting star is a sign of self-fulfillment and advancement in life. The Star of Bethlehem is the symbol of the coming into this world of something pure, an example to emulate that brings with His teachings something that gives us hope and can inspire living by firm values that give direction and great meaning to life. WISHING YOU AND ALL YOUR LOVED ONES A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR IN 2018!
October 19, 2017 - Qualifications submission for New Headquarters in India
October 19, 2017 - Qualifications submission for New Headquarters in India The firm was invited and submitted a qualifications package for a new office headquarters in the Indian state of Karnataka. The process involves local and international design and infrastructure teams, and a pre-selection and selection process may extend thru the summer of 2018.
June 18, 2017 - Jeddah Al Salam Hotel at Royal Terminal topped out!
Jeddah AL Salam Hotel at Royal Terminal topped out! The construction of the Jeddah Al Salam (Hyatt) Hotel has made great construction progress in the past year, and looking as originally design by Quantum-AIP. The project has been topped out and 90% of the exterior skin has been installed. We will share the latest progress in our next update of the website.
April 14, 2017 - Downtown Atlanta Renovation Projects
Quantum-AIP recently completed a large format 25-page report and pre-concept design study for 3 separate properties in Downtown Atlanta for an established Atlanta development group. The master plan and interior architecture planning studies show the project potential as a renovation and as a converted use. The design studies and report sections included the acquiring of adjacent properties, current trends in office and apartment unit designs, rental amenities, market competition analysis and mapping of Atlanta rental rates, and even national trends dominating the future of student housing due to the growth needs of SCAD, GSU and Georgia Tech universities downtown.
March 17, 2017 - Blueprint for Solar Cites and Large Sustainable Master Plans
Quantum- AIP recently completed a 2-month research study resulting in two main reports: "Blueprint Outline for Sustainable Master Plans" and "Guideline for the Development of Solar Cities". The Blueprint report focuses on the vision master, planning process, sustainable and advanced technologies, master plan guidelines, circulation and transport strategies, power and utilities infrastructures, security, community & recreational facilities, and green spaces. The general objectives of the report on the "Development of Solar Cities" focuses on 3 main objectives: a) The preparation of a master plan for increasing energy efficiency and renewable energy supply in the city; b) Setting up institutional arrangements (private, private-public, public, etc.) for implementation of the master plan; c) Awareness generation in the community and mixed use planning to increase capacity of building activities.
February 13, 2017 - Quantum-AIP joins International Consortium for projects in Africa
Quantum-AIP has been invited to join as a critical team member in a proposal to provide a new comprehensive and phased master plan strategy for the overpopulated Capital city of an African Nation. The general scope of services is for programming, planning, urban design and the architectural design of main public facilities such as government centers and buildings, schools, airports and other transport hubs. Security, sustainable technologies, green spaces and the creation of a smart city districts will be included in the scope to provide for growing and new competitive business opportunities. This first project may serve as a model for the re-structuring and re-planning of other African capital cities in need of economic boosts, proper traffic circulation and a better standards of living for its populations. Governance is being addressed and will be critical in the implementation of the final master plan recommendations.
December 24, 2016 - Happy Holidays & Happy New Year 2017!
HAPPY NEW YEAR Wishing you a year full of love, health and prosperity; May your "inner light" guide your wisdom, and reward you and your loved ones with great happiness and self- fulfillment always.+++ FELIZ O NUEVO Desendote un ao lleno de amor, salud y prosperidad; Que tu "luz interior" gue tu sabidura, y te recompense a ti y a tus seres queridos con gran felicidad y auto-realizacin siempre. +++ BONNE ANN Je vous souhaite une anne pleine d'amour, de sant et de prosprit; Puisse votre "«lumire intrieure"» guider votre sagesse, et de vous rcompenser et vos proches avec un grand bonheur et l'panouissement personnel toujours.+++ FELIZ ANO NOVO Desejando-lhe um ano cheio de amor, sade e prosperidade; Que a sua "luz interior" guie sua sabedoria e recompense voc e seus entes queridos com grande felicidade e auto-realizao sempre.
October 2016 - Latin American Convention Centers
Quantum-AIP's contacts with various Latin American governments and agencies are providing early invitations to assist them in the pre-planning, pre-concept design and feasibility proposals for their specific markets. The firm recently submitted a preliminary strategy and project feasibility proposals for two new convention center in Central America. We will share information later as these project are funded in the next 24 months. Unlike most of the convention centers in the USA, these convention centers will be privately operated and owned. Our initial role will be to assist in creating a program strategy and vision for a Convention Center District that will include a variety of uses such as hotels and resorts, entertainment and retail facilities to complement the convention and exhibition facilities.
June - August 2016 - La Carlota MXD Park - Caracas Venezuela
A private consortium in Caracas Venezuela hired Quantum-AIP to help them prepare a new vision design and proposal for the revitalization of the La Carlota airport site. This was an effort after the 2012 competition was completed, and the project for economic and political reasons did not materialize or progressed. The new vision plan by Quantum-AIP is based on a phased master plan and a program presented by the local Client group that could in the future respond to market and political shifts in the country. The proposal outlined a pro forma with a realistic mix of uses based on the cultural, socio-economic and environmental traditions native to Venezuela. In addition and thru the month of October 2017, a revised plan for a new Master Plan for the Metropolitan Region of Caracas was also prepared for an area covering of 776km2 of which only 297km2 are currently occupied. The plan also included the municipalities of Libertador, Chacao, Baruta, Hatillo, and Sucre.
May 5, 2016 - Atlanta Westside Rising
Quantum-AIP has been invited by a consortium of developers to design a 20-acre concept master plan for Phase 1 what is intended to become one of the largest MXD master plans on the Westside of Atlanta with a connection to the Atlanta Beltline. The 70-acre development is just part of a larger vision of the many new developments being proposed to revitalize the west of the city.
February 12, 2016 - Strategic Alliances for India and UAE
Quantum-AIP has been invited to strategically collaborate with a developer and local design group in the UAE to pursue jointly large MXD projects in South Asia and the MENA Region.
January 31, 2016 - Behr Champana interviewed for ISSUU Online Publishing (Latin American division) in special upcoming article on international business travelers - (English translation)
ISSUU QUESTION 1 : Behr, as an architect how much has travel influenced you when designing a new project? In recent years, most of my projects have been international so I travel quite a bit. All cultures have their peculiarities, and most of these idiosyncrasies can be fantastic elements of design inspiration. In some cities, urban development is very piece-meal and organic, and in others it is very planned and methodical. For example, there is a large difference in the urban fabric and lifestyle between the crowded and chaotic Mumbai, and the organized and structured Singapore. Identifying abstract and symbolic elements of each culture you can gain great inspiration in the process of creating uniqueness in a project. It is important for me not to start a project with preconceived ideas. Each project should be of unique inspiration and concept. Travel and exposure to different world cultures helps you learn how not to repeat mistakes of badly conceptualized ideas that were built decades ago and no longer work today. ISSUU QUESTION 2: What do you usually do during the hours of travel? (Reading, sleeping, working, watching movies, etc ...)My air travels are quite long, and on the average 8 to 15 hours without stops. Sometimes you are traveling more than 24 hours with transfers or delays. In the past, I used to be a workaholic and worked on airplanes to advance my work---but this does not allow you to rest properly and it weakens your immune system. When traveling now, I try to relax and clear the mind, sleep and read books. However, traveling on Emirates Airlines I hardly get to sleep as their fantastic entertainment system has more than 1,000 channels of music, movies and video games. The plane also has lounges where you can socialize or network with passengers, beds, massage rooms, and shower rooms and they cook gourmet dinners you choose from the menu. It's another world isolated in the air, and sometimes you not want to land. And believe me, that 15 hour flight to Dubai or Delhi passes very quickly. ISSUU QUESTION 3: When it comes to travel do you prefer holidays by air, sea or land? I enjoy these three means of transport almost equally depending on the country you are visiting, and the proximity of their cities. On the plane I feel more privacy and detachment. I disconnect completely and enter into another mental plane of great relaxation and peace. Family cruises are phenomenal and great fun, and road trips foster deeper conversations and bonding. ISSUU QUESTION 4: What is your favorite destination and why? Ours is great planet, and there are so many amazing cities and locations to visit. As an architect I have a lot of knowledge of art and history of world architecture, and there are always great things to see no matter where I go. But as it relates to urban cities, Rio de Janeiro and Rome top my list! Rio is an amazing city, and its extreme natural beauty is supplemented by the great warmth of its people who are very extroverted and friendly. Rome is also very alive, and has lots of friendly cosmopolitan people. There is so much history packed in its dense urban setting that it feels like being in an "open museum." You are constantly experiencing, absorbing and learning in Rome. Although Paris may possibly be the most beautiful city in the world, Rio and Rome remain very special to me. ISSUU QUESTION 5: Are you most excited about flying out or flying in back home? Flying out is always exciting because there are many dreams to realize or work goals to achieve, but I like the return best. When I fly back home, I am more relaxed and enjoy great moments of aloneness during long flights. Each time when I return I gain great clarity on the future, my work and my life in general. The return feels like I am coming back from a short pilgrimage and my flights are generally of great introspection. I really enjoy flying due to this. ISSUU QUESTION 6: Where has not been but would like to visit and why? I have not been to Australia, New Zealand or the South Pacific. Australia is a vast continent and its large center mostly unspoiled, and I think Down Under and the Great Barrier Reef would be very exciting to explore. I would also like to visit parts of Micronesia, Melanesia, New Zealand and the island of Moorea. Each time I see photos of this spectacular island I am drawn to it. For now I'm looking for that lucky girl to take there because you cannot simply go to the French Polynesian islands (or Paris) alone! Ha! ISSUU QUESTION 7: Some ritual you do before or during the trip? (You may only travel in the mornings, you call your family when you are packing, etc.) I typically like to stay home the day of my trip. These trips are sometimes with rather long absences, and I need time to pack smart, organize my home, pay bills and resolve pending issues. You come back very tired from traveling, and I rather get back to a clean and organized home after so many weeks of being abroad. ISSUU QUESTION 8: What do you MUST have in your luggage? A mini external battery for my iPhone, a good book on a biography or metaphysics (Paramahansa Yoganada), and probiotic capsules to survive the infamous "Delhi belly" in places like South Asia and Africa as you never know what food you may be exposed to eat that is contaminated or may not suit your digestive system. ISSUU QUESTION 9: What has been your best holiday? Where? They were two, and both were of great impact on my life. In 1986 I visited to Buenos Aires and Punta del Este, and in 2000 on a family cruise tour of the ancient Eastern Empires in the Mediterranean. Buenos Aires is indeed the "Paris of the Americas" as it's a very European, and the food is just incredible! They were two exciting weeks of extreme experiences of all levels: I was an architectural intern and served superlatively by heirs of the Italian royalty, guest of the Japanese ambassador and his wife, I was robed, briefly detained by the military for mistaken identity, I fell in love, and experienced architecture, urbanism and gastronomy at its prime. Even sharing my adventures got me a special invitation to Punta del Este, Uruguay - in short, they were 14 glorious days even with the negative that happened. In life, no matter what you experience it all comes with great lessons, and on my trip to Argentina these were well learned. In our family cruise through the Mediterranean in 2000,I was joined by almost 20 family members and it was amazing traveling together with our father in historic cities like Istanbul, Rhodes, Lanarca, Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Cairo, Taormina, and ending in Rome to receive the Pope's blessing in the Jubilee Year 2000. Being together as far away from San Juan and Atlanta was almost like a spiritual retreat. It was a great time of togetherness, inner healing, love and gratitude. I also met on this trip to a large family of Monterrey, Mexico which is now like a family to me, and I love them very much. I think that when you experience things and react to them in truth it comes with great soul growth and long holidays do that for me. When I travel for work or on holiday, I never judge other cultures. There is so much to understand and learn from each other however foreign our cultures may be to each other. Traveling is an amazing education, and today God and life have given me so many great friends all over the world. ISSUU QUESTION 10: Next destination? I love Brazil so now planning strong for Salvador, Bahia later this year to visit a very dear friend of mine whom I know she will be my best tour guide in this unique and historical city. Salvador is incredibly rich in history, and was the first slave port in the Americas, and the African influence of the slaves' descendants has had a significant influence in parts of the Brazilian culture. The city hosts one of the largest carnivals in the world, and is noted for its unique cuisine, music and Portuguese colonial architecture. I also have invitations for projects in the eastern shores of India and south of Puri, the city of temples. Unlike in the past, my holiday travels are more spontaneous and a lot less structured. I try to enjoy day to day, the people I meet, and what destiny brings. I have always been very positive, and open to new experiences and life lessons. ISSUU QUESTION 11: Tell me a little about your architectural firm and work? We won our first international competition in Navi Mumbai, India just 9 months after starting the firm in 2009. By 2012 we were chosen among the top 25 most creative architects in the world working in the UAE, and as such were published in the book "Superlative Emirates". I was honored to be chosen then to write the main introductory essay of the book. The book became a bestseller in the MENA region. Today our markets are very fluid, and we study and then follow opportunities in the new emerging economies worldwide. It's fascinating to go to cities and countries you do not know and start the business development process in getting new clients, deliver the design, develop a market and reputation, and eventually anchor your firm in that market. You have to use everything you are as a person and as a professional. Your technical and design knowledge, the clarity of mind and transparency when communicating are so essential in gaining the trust of new clients. Culturally, my 6 languages have also helped me in my business and in traveling the world. We are a very service-oriented profession and gaining our client's trust and respect is key getting repeat work. In the last two years we have also seen a greater interest in our firm from US developers for new projects in northern Florida and in Georgia. Our firm remains very strategic on how we operate, and we like to work in teams and in strategic alliances with other design consultants and local architects when we see it best benefits the client and our delivery of services. ISSUU QUESTION 12: If you had not been an architect, what other life career or profession you would have chosen? In this lifetime, I could have only been an architect! Although while deciding on my career in high school, I seriously considered becoming a plastic surgeon specialized in correcting congenital anomalies.
January 27, 2016 - Howard Chen Pursuing Broader Professional Interests
After almost 7 very productive years involved with Quantum-AIP, Howard Chen, design director, will be transitioning his relationship with the firm later this month in order to pursue broader professional and personal interests in his career. During his involvement with the firm, Howard led the design execution of many of the projects on our website and for the firm. It is with excitement and warmest personal regards that we wish Howard great success in his new ventures, and look forward in continuing working with him as part of our future strategic alliances and on special projects. Quantum-AIP continues to operate in the USA and internationally as a full service design firm and creative think tank. The firm's most unique characteristic remains its innovative approach in the design collaboration process with strategic design consultants through the creation of highly specialized visioning, design, and technical studios.
December 23, 2015 - Happy Holidays and Happy New Year 2016
Wishing our client and all our business associates and friends, a very blessed and happy Holiday Season and a very happy New Year in 2016.
December 15, 2015 - Quantum-AIP's New Strategic Alliances in MENA Region and South Asia
Quantum-AIP and SMD Middle East & India are in process of forming a strategic alliance team focused in expanding their existing markets segments in the MENA Region and South Asia. This alliance will be composed of professional firms from the USA, Canada, MENA region and India.
November 1, 2015 - India Forward 2025 - LUX Pacifica and ISLE Conference 2015 Kolkota, India
Invited earlier this summer to the conference in Kolkota, Behr Champana presented an abstract for the lecture on future developments in India, and the uses and applications of future sustainable technologies most adequate for South Asia's environmental traditions. The Lux Pacifica will hold its mid-term conference in Kolkata, India 27-29 November 2015. The conference will take place in conjunction with Light India International 2015 organized by the The Indian Society of Lighting Engineers (ISLE). Lecture Abstract by Behr Champana INDIA FORWARD 2025: A Blueprint for New Sustainable Developments in India By many international projections and demographic studies, it is believed that by 2025 India will surpass China in population growth and with a younger and educated workforce. With this growth comes major challenges that will require very critical planning and governance mechanisms to ensure these plans are properly executed. At my ISLE 25th Silver Jubilee Anniversary's New Delhi and Bangalore Lectures in 2010, I discussed how many of the world's new modern developments and urbanistic solutions did not identify with what was being done and applied in the Indian Subcontinent, and would not help solve the problems of future growth and sustainability in India. I also brought forward a list of strong India Inc. firms and conglomerates that were at the forefront of giving back to this great nation as related to their corporate social responsibility programs and how these programs and energy conservation measures were being successfully developed. My intent is to follow up now with what has really happened in India in the last 5 years, what new problems have become a national priority in regards to population growth, education, increased urban sprawl, development guidelines, the use (and abuse) of natural resources, and the way forward with the many misconceptions in what "sustainability" really is. The object of this lecture is create stronger conscience and dynamic dialogue for solutions, and be more specific in outlining a future blueprint where government, developers, contractors, architects, planners, designers ,engineers, etc. can specifically identify and use, and follow a more sensible approach when dealing with the diverse regional Indian cultural idiosyncrasies, their socio-economic factors, and how to focus not just on sustainable developments, but stress the need to grow a "human sustainable conscience". The main purpose of human sustainability is to educate and ensure the creation of new generations with an "inherent will" to protect the resources and environmental Indian traditions for all future generations to enjoy. The lecture also expands on a thesis I have been developing on India for the last 10 years on how the growth of cities and townships can be integrated with the farmlands without displacement of these critical farming communities and their role in the Indian subcontinent. I feel that when people attend a conference it is to learn and engage in expert discussions, and not hear things they could themselves read or teach themselves in books or on the internet. In my personal travel experiences, I have seen how India is full of very bright professionals and the given the proper forum and stimuli, this conference can give rise to greater solutions to the development and growth issues affecting the nation.
October 16, 2015 - Quantum-AIP invited to speak to Hispanic students at Forsyth High in North Atlanta, USA.
As part of a motivational week of seminars and events, Behr Champana, founding partner of Quantum-AIP, was invited to give a 3-part lecture series at Forsyth High School in Alpharetta, Georgia. Many Latin American students in the public school system in this area have a low motivation in continuing their education beyond high school. The purpose of the presentation and open forum discussions was to engage the Hispanic juniors and seniors with professionals in an effort to motivate them to explore their talents and dreams as they finish high school. One of the main objectives of this lectures was also to open the student's minds to a future world of possibilities, accomplishments, life experiences and positive life perspectives all based on a solid educational background regardless of the social and economic conditions of their families.
August 2, 2015 - Superlative Emirates Book on sale in USA Bookstores
The "Superlative Emirates" large book format by DAAB, the German publisher of architecture and design books, and written by editor Caroline Klein, features the work of 25 top international firms, including the work Quantum-AIP in a celebration of some of the most visionary and creative work designed -built or unbuilt- in the last decade in the United Arab Emirates. Behr Champana was also selected among all the firm partners featured in the publication to write the book's main introduction essay. Book is dual language in English and German.
May 14-16, 2015 - Tulane School of Architecture hosts Alumni Reception during AIA National Convention in Atlanta
Dean Kenneth Schwartz hosted the Tulane School of Architecture (TSA) alumni to an amazing New Orleans Jazz-style reception on May 14th at the Sky Lounge on the rooftop of the Glenn Hotel in Downtown Atlanta. As part of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) National Convention events, the highly successful event celebrated reunion years ending in five and ten, and presented new FAIA Tulane alumni members and TSA winners of the AIA Young Architect's awards. Among Tulane alumni at the celebration were classmates Pamela Sandler, Behr Champana, Thomas J. Hogan, and Joe Allen Slack.
February 17, 2015 - Quantum-AIP invited to present ideas for mega-entertainment park in Puerto Rico
The financial situation on the island has not discouraged developers in trying to secure lower priced real estate properties for novel development ideas. In the past, the island of Puerto Rico has served as a bridge between the USA and some Latin American countries, but the island demographics alone may well justify new and more dynamic tenant mixes in future mixed use development. The project is in its investment and preliminary programming /vision stage, and opening to national and foreign investments.
January 2015 - Behr Champana appointed as Board Member of Young Collectors Club Atlanta
Young Collectors Club ATL (YCC) is a dynamic club for young professionals and creatives interested in learning about and collecting contemporary art founded in 2006. YCC's Mary Stanley Studio presents this bi-monthly members-only educational series with behind the scene visits with curators, art critics & collectors, private tours of art collector's homes and artist studio visits, travels to national art shows and exhibitions with events involving emerging and top national and international artists. Members receive insider info and perks, free admissions to art events and exhibitions, and enjoy social networking with other like-minded art enthusiasts.
January 2015 - Quantum-AIP wishes you a Very Blessed and Happy New Year!!!
May/December 12, 2014 - Quantum-AIP part of large consortium after the Atlanta Civic Center Redevelopment.
Quantum-AIP and HKS, Inc. teamed with an Atlanta development consortium led by Carter for the conceptual vision studies of the City request for proposal for redevelopment of the Atlanta Civic Center .The proposal would include a new 4,000-seat state-of-the-art performing arts center, street-level retail, residential buildings, an office building, television studios open to the public, several private studios for pre-production and post-production, underground and structured parking., and possibly a hotel. An early concept rendering was published in the Atlanta Business Chronicle.
August 13,2014 - Quantum-AIP hired to create new vision design and master plan concepts for new global design mart in MENA region.
The first phase of the proposed international showroom and store complex will be approximately 700,000sf. Additional market driven programs such as high rise hotels, apartments, a large entertainment anchor, and office towers for the trade will boost the project's Phase 1 program to over 2.4 million sf.
March 2014 - IMAGEN Magazine (Puerto Rico) - 28th Anniversary Edition of the leading socio-cultural magazine with main article on Puerto Rican professionals working abroad and their experiences.
March 2014 - IMAGEN Magazine (Puerto Rico) - 28th Anniversary Edition of the leading socio-cultural magazine with main article on Puerto Rican professionals working abroad and their experiences. "From Puerto Rico to the World" details the challenges and successes of 12 Puerto Rican professionals working abroad discussing when they started , what has motivated them, and where they are today. Among those included in the article are: NASA astronaut Joseph Acaba, international architect Behr Champana, special assistant to the President of the United States of America Cristina Gonzales, president of NYC Municipal Council Melissa Mark-Viverito, Oscar-winning actress Rita Moreno, international supermodel Joan Smalls, and associate judge of the U.S. Supreme Court Honorable Sonia Sotomayor.
January/May 26, 2014 - Quantum-AIP commissioned to develop new retail concept project in UAE.
The project program aims at creating retail a village-like retail and entertainment destination unique to the UAE. The retail-based mixed use development will be in 2 phases, and will contain high rise hotel, residential and office towers
January 2014 - Happy and Very Prosperous New Year!
August/Dec.12, 2013 - Park Russia Vision Competition Proposal in Moscow, Russia
Quantum AIP was part of a strategic international consortium along with Base-4 and ITEC Entertainment and many other consultants in the design proposal of the 1,154 hectare (2,850 acres) master plan for Park Russia. Organized by the Green Building Council of Russia, the international competition was for the concept and financial model of Park Russia, which is to become the largest sustainable theme park in Europe. The park aims at being the first entertainment and educational park of its kind in Russia, and where the promotion of healthy holistic living standards, leisure activities and educative functions are closely related to cultural, sports and recreational project infrastructures. In addition to the all year round theme park, the museum district, safari park, botanical gardens, and the Russian-themed miniature park, other main project objectives were: to create the world's largest winter amusement and sports park, promote the positive image of Russia worldwide, attract major financial resources and ultimately the creation of a new international level tourist destination for visitors all over the world. The project was intended to be built in 3 main phases retaining 200 hectares of forest and 454 hectares of reserved preservation zones.
June/December 10, 2013 - New Rabat Waterfront MXD - As part of team alliance with Base-4, Quantum-AIP lead the design team for new proposed billion dollar mixed use development along Rabat's coastline.
Quantum - AIP was the lead designer for the design visions of the 168 acre master plan in the southern coast of Rabat. The project addresses the diversity of the Moroccan culture and created educational. retail, civic, hospitality and residential districts which grows in population density and height as they move away from the waterfront promenade. The project has inter-connected green beltways and a large lagoon with an iconic community complex located at its center and green beltways provided pedestrian connectivity between districts.. The building program also includes a modern shopping mall, and outlet mall connected to a thematic old Moroccan City centered around a mosque.
March/September 20, 2013 - Quantum-AIP initiates vision design for new Masaai Mara Safari Resort camp in Kenya's Serengeti National Park
Quantum-AIP was commissioned to develop unique and creative concepts for a 200-acre uber safari resort with 46 five-star cottages on the main mountain ridge overlooking Tanzania's and Kenya's Masai Serengeti reserve. The hilly village concept included restaurants spa/ fitness center and open air bars. The modular units vary in size and arrangement, and feature indigenous crafted materials and a built-in pool for every unit.
July-September 2013 - Howard Chen, Vice President and Director of Design of Quantum-AIP invited as guest juror for Southern Polytechnic State University Focus Studio.
March 2013 - Al Salam Hotel @ Royal Terminal Jeddah to be tentatively operated by Hyatt Hotels-Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Article on project being managed by Hyatt Hotels and the appointment of the interior design firm by main developer of new Hyatt Hotels project designed by Quantum-AIP in Jeddah west of the Royal Terminal Airport.
February 2013 - - Caracas 2030 - International Consortium Proposal for the Strategic Urban Revitalization of the City of Caracas, Venezuela
Quantum-AIP, in a private consortium and collaboration with two USA partners, developed a new plan strategy for the phased urban revitalization of the Metropolitan Area of Caracas (MAC). The proposal also included studies for the overall Metropolitan Region of Caracas (MRC) which measures approximately .4,215km2 and includes very large natural park reserves, forests and mountains. Total Population of the MRC is approximately 5.9 million inhabitants. Some of the goals of the Caracas 2030 Strategic Alliance were to create plentiful green space for recreation, promote safety, and accessibility to public services. The plan solution also made provisions for improving quality of life, and offered a variety of choices for housing, employment, education and economic opportunity. Other expert consultants proposed in the study included Urban and Regional Economic planners, Environmental planners and Ecology experts, Transportation planning, Infrastructure design, Financial Analysis, Housing and Social Services Planning experts among many others.
February 2013 - Jin Huan steel and manufacturing plant complex built in China
Quantum-AIP provided vision and concept design services for a new plant by Jin Huan. The initial studies of the 75 acres property focused on a mixed use master plan containing steel manufacturing plants, worker residences, and offices. The final version of the project master plan was built as a steel manufacturing facility for the main Client.
January 2013 - New Urban Park Proposal for La Carlota Master Plan Caracas, Venezuela
Private design consortium proposal for the redevelopment of 255 acres La Carlota Airport site into a central green urban park containing multiple core districts and connected to Parque del Este. Program components included a convention and hotel district, sport venue district, entertainment village district, 2 cultural museums, a large open air amphitheater, and interconnected lagoons with interactive water features.
January 2013 - Happy New Year!
Wishing you a BRIGHT and HAPPY 2013; May your year be filled with PEACE and PROSPERITY!
December 3rd, 2012 - Howard Chen invited as a guest juror for Tuskegee 2nd year studio final project review
November 2012 - Quantum-AIP 2012 Trifold now available in digital format
To get your copy or our latest work and project designs in 2012, please contact us via email at:
September 14, 2012 - Beyond the Horizon
Article published in Celebration of the Silver Anniversary Issue of InSite Magazine (India), and deals with future trends and predictions in the creative design fields for the coming decade.
September 2012 - Al Salam Hotel granted construction permits by Jeddah Municipality
The municipality of Jeddah granted construction permits for the construction works of the 300-room Al-Salam Hotel in the City of Jeddah in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. More updates will be provided from public records as these become available.
August 2012 - Quantum-AIP Submits Competition Entry for the New Keelung Harbor Services Building
In keeping with the project's main objectives of designing an iconic "Landmark Architecture" unique to Keelung and the creation of the new "Gateway of the Nation", our design for the New Harbor Service Building Project in Keelung Harbor is inspired by the abstracted metaphor of the naturally rocky ecology and hilly terrain distinctive to the coastline of this northern Taiwan city. Our master plan is organized as a set of prominent "hill" formations to be constructed in three phases. While this modern terminal building operates as an efficient maritime transportation hub for domestic and international travelers, we believe it must also intrinsically connect back to the city and function as a unique recreational destination for the people of Keelung. To this effect, we propose the creation of a public boardwalk on the upper level of the building where retail shops, lounges, waterfront restaurants and landscaped plazas will be located thus providing a higher synergy of user traffic. Large operable facades will allow seamless transition between indoor areas and the boardwalk and will also allow the building to take advantage of natural cooling during certain times of the year.
July 1, 2012 - Quantum-AIP Designs Hospital Concept Design in Jeremie, Haiti
Well over a year after the devastating earthquake in Haiti, Quantum-AIP was approached by the head of the San Mateo Apostol Church in Santurce, Puerto Rico and a the local charity group of "Nuestra Senora de la Providencia" to assist in the initial charity efforts to build a much needed hospital clinic and complex in the Haitian city of Jeremie. The healthcare center is to be called "Hospital Nuestra Senora de la Providencia de Puerto Rico en Haiti (Our Hospital of Lady of Providence of Puerto Rico in Haiti). Under the main design efforts lead by Howard Chen, Vice President and Design Director of Quantum-AIP, the first phase of this building complex will be about 35,000 sf and is ideally situated on an elevated, wooded site approximately 200 meters from the beach. The first of its kind ever proposed in this Caribbean island nation, the proposed general hospital will contain a maternity ward, separate women and men's hospital room wings, a special clinic area for children, cafeteria, radiology department, minor and ambulatory surgery rooms, quarantine area, in addition to therapy and emergency rooms. The center will also provide apartment facilities for the visiting doctors and nurses. The seaside complex will also feature a meditation court adjacent to a free-standing chapel. The master plan makes land and connectivity provisions for the latter Phases 2 and 3. The project announcement and its first fundraising efforts were launched during a special mass service and dinner to give thanks the Puerto Rican and Haitian community still heavily involved in helping the earthquake relief efforts in Haiti. The large event at Parroquia San Mateo Apostol was attended by Archbishop Guire Poulard of Haiti, and Kenneth McClintock, Secretary of State of Puerto Rico, among the many other important professional organizations and government agency representatives. "The design concept revolves around the idea of the hearth/gathering place. This complex should function not only as a hospital but also a civic place where the public gathers to organize for charity drives" noted Howard Chen. The initial project design was done as a charity / pro-bono collaboration by Quantum-AIP.
May 26, 2012 - Arquitecto de Su Propia Vida / Architect of His Own Life by PRIMERA HORA - San Juan Puerto Rico
Personal and biographical article on Behr Champana was published by Primera Hora newspaper in Puerto Rico. The article covers anecdotes from his childhood, high school, college and well into his professional developments and growth as an architect in the USA and internationally. It recaps life experiences, travels and professional personal interviews in CNN Live and his inclusion in the worldwide special titled "Impossible City" in the Discovery Channel, and into the founding of Quantum-AIP in 2009 with his business partner, Howard Chen. The article gives a special focus of a personal life trial that paralleled his professional life as an architect. One that can guide people to actually become architects of their own life.
February 12, 2012 - Superlative Emirates "Book&'s Essay Excerpt" by Quantum-AIP
2002- 2012 A Decade of Enlightenment: How a Small Arab Nation Captivated the World. Prior to independence, the United Arab Emirates was Trucial Oman (also known as the Trucial States) and the component sheikhdoms of the territory had been under British protection since 1892. Each sheikhdom was autonomous and followed the traditional form of an Arab monarchy, with each ruler having absolute power over his subjects. In 1952, the Trucial Council, comprising the rulers of the seven sheikhdoms, was established to facilitate common administrative policies, so leading to a federation of the states. Petroleum, the key to the area's future prosperity, was first discovered beneath the coastal waters of Abu Dhabi in 1958. Commercial exploitation began in 1962, subsequently providing substantial revenues. In 1968, Britain announced its intention of withdrawing its military forces from the area by 1971. Later that year, the six Trucial States Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Umm Al Quwain, Ajman and Fujairah agreed on a federal constitution to achieve independence as the UAE on 2 December 1971. Ras Al Khaimah joined the following year. FROM MIRAGE TO REALITY
December 16, 2011 - A Holiday Message to all our clients, consultants, supporters and friends!
During this Holiday season, our thoughts turn gratefully to those who have made our success possible. In this spirit we say---THANK YOU and best WISHES for the holidays and a very BLESSED NEW YEAR.
December 10, 2011 - Quantum-AIP Design Work showcased in book titled "Superlatives Emirates: New Dimensions in Urban Design"
This special edition includes design work by Quantum-AIP and celebrates the last decade of great architectural design conceptualized and built by some of the world's great architectural firms and who helped materialize the superlative visions of the UAE rulers. The editor of the book also awarded Quantum-AIP the responsibility for the main researched essay of the book titled: 2002-2012: A Decade of Enlightenment - How a small Arab nation captivated the World. The large-sized 240-page coffee table book is scheduled for distribution in the later Fall/early Winter of 2011. Book now available for pre-orders online from DAAB and at, among others.
November 14, 2011 - Quantum-AIP invited as Guest Speaker at 2012 World ECO-Build, Abu Dhabi - UAE
World ECO-Build, one of two key verticals at Arabian Build & Construction (ABC) Expo, is an international exhibition and global summit focusing on sustainable design and construction for the built environment. One of the keys to solving global environmental issues is an increased collaboration between leading construction material producers and those charged with creating, and delivering, a low carbon future environment. The conference and exhibition provide a discussion platform for decision makers and stakeholders from across the Middle East, Africa and Asian Sub-Continent. Program and conference details to be provided at a later date.
September 27-29, 2011 - Quantum-AIP invited as Guest Speaker at 2011 Cityscape and World Architecture Congress Forum in Dubai - UAE
Quantum-AIP successfully participates as guest speaker on regional sustainable techniques and methodologies at the 2011 Cityscape and World Architecture Congress Forum in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. For a full copy of the conference brochure, please go to the following link:
September 20, 2011 - Quantum-AIP's Navi Mumbai Convention Center on cover of 2011 World Architect's Forum brochure
Quantum-AIP's design vision for the Navi Mumbai Convention Center designed for the Future City Consortium was selected among all projects designs submitted. Designed d by Howard Chen, Vice President and Director of Design at Quantum-AIP, the convention and congress facility exterior enclosure contains shading mechanism which allows for solar and energy absorption methodologies. For additional information on this project, please refer to our "Portfolio" section, Selected Projects, Future City MXD - Hotel and Convention Center District, Navi Mumbai, India.
June 16, 2011 - Quantum-AIP's latest concept design work in UAE selected for inclusion in SUPERLATIVE EMIRATES book publication
Quantum-AIP's design work in the Middle East region is to be published in a special book celebrating the last great decade of architecture and urban design in the United Arab Emirates, and its publication month will coincide with the 40th Anniversary of the UAE as a nation. Published by Daab Media GMBH, one of the top European publishing companies, the book is titled "Superlative Emirates".
June 3, 2011 - Quantum- AIP Awarded 5-star high-rise hotel in Saudi Arabia
After a 2-month competitive RFP process , Quantum-AIP and its local architectural consultant were awarded the full design contract for a new 300-key high rise hotel in the coastal city of Jeddah in the western region of Saudi Arabia. The modern and full service hospitality complex will be one-of-a-kind in its offering within the city and is expected to become a catalyst to the adjoining residential and commercial sites planned for development. Additional information of the project program and design remain confidential at this time.
May 21, 2011 - Quantum-AIP invited to speak on sustainability at 2011 World Architecture Congress Forum at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Center
Behr Champana, President and CEO of Quantum-AIP, was invited to participate as part of the sustainable group panel presentation at The 2011 World Architecture Forum from September 27th to September 29th in Dubai. The Congress will run parallel and at the same venue as the Cityscape Global's 10th anniversary edition which will welcome over 20,000 participants from 87 countries and will host the exhibition featuring 155 exhibitors from 31 countries. The subject of the group panel - Overcoming recent challenges and identifying future solutions to applying sustainable architecture techniques- will focus on the application of sustainable architecture techniques in the region, explore cost-effective methods of green building including concepts, discuss recent achievements in green building technologies, and focus on generating pro-active solutions in sustainable architecture. Soon more information about the conference and all participants.
May 20, 2011 - Quantum-AIP launches New Updated Website Showcasing Latest Design Work.
The new website features past and new international projects and proposed concept designs by Quantum-AIP. The site includes examples of the firm's design process and methodology, and showcases multi-media presentations done in-house as 3D-study guides. All renderings shown in this 2011 current website edition were done in-house and copyrights owned by Quantum-AIP, LLC.
February 3, 2011 - Quantum-AIP and RMA Architects, P.S.C. in Puerto Rico form Sustainable Design Alliance.
Jeannette Rullan Marin, President of RMA Architects and Planners in San Juan, Puerto Rico and Quantum-AIP have formed a strategic collaborative alliance for expanded professional services by both firms in Sustainable Design projects. A former AIA Honor Award winner with major experience in projects for both the local and the U.S. Federal Governments, she was the recipient of the 2006 U.S. Department of Agriculture Women-Owned Business of the Year. Most relevant in 2008 and 2009, Ms. Rullan was the president of the U.S. Green Building Council's Caribbean Chapter. Quantum-AIP's and RMA's LEED accredited professionals will jointly insure the integration of sustainable design practices, innovation in building technology and LEED certification.
September 16, 2010 - Quantum-AIP Submits Design Entry for Maritime Cruise Terminal Competition Master Plan in Taiwan.
The main project objectives for the Port of Kaohsiung Passenger Transportation District - Port and Cruise Service Center are to create a modern maritime gateway or "beacon" for Kaohsiung, to serve as a catalyst for future area developments, and to consolidate all port services under one main complex. Quantum-AIP's design concept for the Port of Kaohsiung Passenger Transportation District - Port and Cruise Service Center is inspired by the abstracted metaphor of the "rolling sea waves". An iconic undulating roof form is used to unify all building components as one main gesture. The two prominent "waves" in the center of the complex house the two main program components: the Cruise Terminal Building and the Port Service Center. Refer to "Selected Projects" section to view project.
August 30, 2010 - Quantum-AIP submits Design for Kaohsiung Popular Music and Maritime Cultural Center Competition in Taiwan.
Quantum-AIP submits competition entry for the Popular Music and Maritime Cultural Center. The proposed competition is an integral part of the major public investment and construction plan by the Kaohsiung City Government (KCG). Through the building of an international art and cultural performance venue and a marine culture center, KCG aims to establish Kaohsiung as a fulcrum for Asia-Pacific pop music production and performance and an international exchange platform for maritime culture. The central and direct goal of the Project is to create a complex that highlights the unique character of Kaohsiung City while satisfying the needs of the local people, the industries and future trends. The popular music component of the project, to be equipped world-class hardware, will help foster music professionals in Southern Taiwan, provide a haven for popular music and its related industries and create a Southern Taiwan incubator for pop music. The design proposal by Quantum-AIP adapts to a spectrum of performances and venue uses and is highly flexible in its diversity of configurations. It allows for the co-existence of simultaneous events, small or large, and maximizes the use of public spaces for outdoor seasonal performances and events. It creates an integrated master plan that would provide a high quality of performance venues that would bring forth the reputation of Kaohsiung as the main hub for popular music in Taiwan ---and Asia. Refer to "Selected Projects" section to view project.
July 14, 2010 - Delhi State Centre - Silver Jubilee Lecture ISLE, Delhi State Center
To celebrate the Silver Jubilee of ISLE, the Delhi State Centre organized a lecture by internationally acclaimed architect, urban planner and designer, Behr Champana head of Quantum-AIP. Mr. Champana who also delivered the Silver Jubilee Lecture in Bangalore is no stranger to ISLE as he has given outstanding presentations at Lii2005 and Lii2009. The abstract of the lecture is given below under Karnataka State Centre. Dr. Ajay Mathur, Director General, BEE chaired the Silver Jubilee Lecture. A Panel of distinguished experts were invited to interact with Mr. Champana before inviting questions from the floor. The Panel included Mr. A.K. Jain, former Chief Architect DDA, Mr. R.K. Kakkar, Chief Architect CPWD, Mr. Navin Krishen, Consultant and Mr. Jasbir Sawhney, Architect. The lecture was preceded by high tea. Mr. Abhijeet Vaish introduced the dignitaries and invited them to the dais. The welcome address was given by Mr. Gulshan Aghi, Vice President ISLE. Dr. Ajay Mathur made the opening remarks and introduced the speaker. The vote of thanks was given by Mr. A.K. Jain, Chairman, Delhi State Centre. Mr. Gulshan Aghi, CEO (LBG) and Executive Director, Surya Roshni invited the guests for the cocktail dinner being sponsored by Surya Roshni. Before adjourning for dinner Mr. S. Chakraborty announced the setting up of a state of the art lab for LEDs and invited the guests to visit the Surya Roshni stall adjacent to the cocktail dinner venue. The lecture attracted a large number of members and others interested in lighting including the Director General of CPWD, Mr. B.K. Chugh. Mr. Champana was complimented for his highly informative and professional approach to the challenges faced by architects and lighting designers in the future.
July 11, 2010 - I.S.L.E. India - Karnataka State Chapter 25th Anniversary Silver Jubilee Lecture by Behr Champana
Abstract of Behr Champana's the ISLE-KSC Silver Jubilee Lecture- Bangalore, India. Many of the world great modern developments and future of architecture may or may not apply or be relevant to the Indian Subcontinent and to future growth in India. Issues for India are different. The lecture will focus on what should guide Indian government, developers, contractors, architects, planners, designers, engineers, etc., in a sensible approach. The sensibilities of the diverse regional Indian cultural heritage, their socio-economic factors, and how not to focus just on sustainable developments, but stress the need to grow sustainable "human" developments to educate and ensure the creation of a new generation with an "inherent will" to protect the resources, environment, the rich knowledge & educational talent pool etc., based on Indian traditions for all future generations to enjoy.
January 20, 2010 - Indian Consortium Team wins $1.7billion Navi Mumbai MXD Development Mega Project.
The Future City LTD, the lead partner of the large Mumbai Indian Consortium Team for the international competition, along with Quantum-AIP in collaboration with ABA Architects, local engineering and international feasibility teams, wins Navi Mumbai mixed-use and themed entertainment Future City project. The project signifies the largest land purchase deal in the Metropolitan Mumbai Region and the total construction cost for the full development is estimated at Rs7,809 crore. The theme park will have film-based rides, studio tours, a convention centre, an amphitheatre, a festive plaza, wedding halls, museums, shopping malls, hotel districts and themed-restaurants, monorail, and an art gallery. As per the plan, 60% of the 250 acres will be used for the theme park while the remaining area will be used for residential and commercial development. Refer to "Selected Projects" section to view project.
November 18, 2009 - Quantum-AIP invited by large Indian Consortium to participate in international competition for large mixed-use development in Navi Mumbai.
Future City LTD shortlisted from over 100 initial bidders down to three main bidders for the final competition round of visionary project in Navi Mumbai, India. Quantum-AIP invited as the creative team in the final competition round.
November 2009 - Quantum-AIP Tri-fold Brochure Available
Please contact Quantum-AIP at for a digital copy.
April 13, 2009 - Quantum-AIP Launches New Website
Quantum-AIP (Architecture, Interiors and Planning) launches new website containing information on firm philosophy, services and showcases a flash video of concept design work.